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There are three reasons I deal with women; sex, money or makin’ me sandwiches. And unless you’re planning on going into my kitchen and slapping some ham between two slices of bread, this conversation is over.





bury me in armor so I’ll be ready for the skeleton war



why is his fricking chest uncovered? that’s ppor planning right there

what are you gonna do?

stab a skeleton in the heart?

@tatianamaslany: Thrilled to support #nycballet by wearing these beautiful jewels from the @jamiewolfnyc @dereklamnyc collaboration

Oscar de la Renta Ready to Wear S/S 2012.

Derek Hale + Smiling

❝ Sometimes,
I wake up
at four in the morning
and taste smoke
in the back of my throat.

I swear to god,
you’re still burning
somewhere inside me. ❞
—   Solange  (via stymshaw)   —

Kristen Stewart + Hats

❝ I didn’t fall in love with you. I walked into love with you, with my eyes wide open, choosing to take every step along the way. I do believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe we are only fated to do the things that we’d choose anyway. And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you. ❞
—   (via totally-original)   —